the Charme & the elegance of time.

Situated in the heart of the historic city of Matera, which is one of the oldest in the world, European Capital of Culture in 2019 and a UNESCO city since 1993. Lo Stemma Luxury Hotel awaits you to provide an unforgettable experience in a place unique in the world.

Located near the ancient districts, visitors to the hotel can immerse themselves in history, inhale its essence and enjoy the layers of time, retracing the millennia-old history of the people who have inhabited this place.

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the Palace

Located on the central Via Beccherie, Lo Stemma Luxury Hotel overlooks the magnificent panorama of the Sassi, the ancient districts of Matera. Being subject to careful restoration, it maintains charm and exclusivity, welcoming guests in environments where they can experience the authentic essence of time.

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the Rooms

The result of years of restoration, each room is unique and designed to have its distinct personality and charm while preserving its original soul. Furnished by blending the elegance of the antique with the linear style of the modern, they offer guests the opportunity to experience a magnificent blend of history and relaxation.

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A magical corner of the palace, it is as if suspended over the ancient quarters and labyrinthine streets built over the centuries. From here you can enjoy a privileged view of the Sasso Barisano and the Apulian Romanesque cathedral that dominates the entire landscape.

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the Spaces

A building that has traversed time, observing it mute and donating its spaces to increasingly different purposes, people and cultures, always welcoming and willing, which now returns to welcome the public, showing itself in its new guise and preserving the dignity that so many centuries have given it.

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